Elizabeth Rose Hoffman
My name is Elizabeth Hoffman (aka Squirrel) and I'm a picture book author & illustrator. 
I graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2017 with a BFA in Graphic Design and BA in Sculpture, and I’ve been on the run ever since, but not from the law mind you. I love illustration, design and most anything else that requires a creative spark. Sometimes I feel like I live, eat, and breathe creativity, and that actually is not far from the truth. So far on the picture book horizon, I've written, illustrated and independently published six picture books and counting. I am in love with creating stories from the heart, and I have a long growing list of the stories I someday want to make come to life.
Fun Facts:
My fellow colleagues gave me my nickname Squirrel because I was always hiding snacks in all my art classes and I was always climbing to reach something high (something like a hidden snack). I am the shortest person in my family, including cousins plus aunts/uncles, and grandmas, everyone. Well, except the younger ones that haven’t passed me up yet. I also really, really, really like food. If you see me daydreaming, 99.9 percent of the time, I’m thinking about what I’m going to eat later. I think food is my love language.  
I was born on the Winter Solstice, maybe that is why I get cold easily, so I’m always layering up. I am the oldest out of three. Growing up, I had a knack for convincing my little brothers to help me with my projects. That knack was called candy. We would only get candy on the holidays. My brothers would eat all theirs and I would keep all mine. It's amazing what twelve and eleven year-olds will do for a few pieces of candy. Now, sadly, many years later this tactic doesn’t work anymore. 
I love gardening, when I was fourteen I had a green thumb, but I lost it between then and now. Let me know if you find it. My current Tiny House plants would really appreciate it. Oh! did I mention I live in a Tiny House? I bought this very small 8’x16’ vintage travel trailer right after New Years in 2018. I call her Timber (short for Timberline). I spent nine months fixing her up and have lived in her ever since. She is my baby. Check us out on YouTube: Stormy & Timber. 
My favorite musical instrument to play is a guitalele. (A guitalele is what you get when a guitar and a ukelele have a baby). I like to watch birds and clouds. I don’t watch TV (though Netflix with my friends on occasion). I’m an introvert and extrovert.  I like my space and my time alone. I like listening to my thoughts, especially if they are accompanied with hot tea or coffee. However, in saying that, I am also very much a people person and love making new friends and hearing their stories. 
I’m a church hopper. I don’t believe in any particular religious denomination. But I do believe in a personal relationship with Jesus. And it's very personal. I talk to him, like, everyday. But it mostly consists of my running my trap and complaining while He just listens and I’m sure shaking his head at the same time.  But He is teaching me to listen.
I’ve loved art my whole life. Sometimes though, I think I love it too much. Art Withdrawal is a real thing! I’ve also discovered that it’s very hard to become a master of one thing when you love doing all.  But I’m working on that. At least I think I am. Well, I’ll put it on my incredibly long ToDo list. I’ll get there someday, probably tomorrow. All-nighter, here I come! I’ll just need to arm myself with a couple of snacks and I’ll be set to conquer the world!